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With CORE, we understand that there is Strength in Building.

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Who is CORE?

Justin Mercer - Core Contracting Services
Joe Day - Core Contracting Services
Joe Day - Core Contracting Services

Joe Day

Justin Mercer - Core Contracting Services

Justin Mercer

CORE was founded by Justin Mercer and Joe Day. They were inspired to build a better Kansas City by working together to bring a new contract services company that is able to cater to both businesses and homeowners alike. Their mission is to provide stronger builds for their customers to rely on, because they know that at the core of every structure is a strong foundation.

Together, they have over thirty years of experience working in the contractor services industry and have the extensive knowledge to take on commercial and residential jobs. Through their expertise, CORE’s team of reliable industry technicians provide services to improve the exterior and interior of any new or existing building in the Kansas City Metro area, as well as surrounding counties in Missouri and Kansas.

Our CORE Values

If you or someone you know needs reliable and quality contracting services, CORE is the best in the business. We ensure that our customers feel like they are taken care of, whether that is on or off the job site. Our attention to detail, along with our service guarantees and warranty, provides our customers with a sense of inclusion when they work with CORE.

CORE’s industry knowledge is all encompassing. We specialize in roofing, flooring, siding, gutters, windows, interior and exterior painting, and tile. We understand contracting projects go beyond the aesthetics of your home or business, and that’s why CORE ensures a quality job from start to finish. We provide services that our customers can rely on for years to come. With CORE, we aren’t just a one-and-done contracting service. We are a return provider for any number of projects our customers may need. Not only that, but we provide our services for you, your neighbors, your family, and your friends. It is CORE’s mission to complete large-scale projects with ease and finesse, all while remaining your local service provider.

We know that there is a level of trust that needs to be established when working between contractor and customer. Throughout our entire process, our CORE team members are there with our customers every step of the way. CORE’s mission is to provide strong builds, both within our customer relationships and in the homes and buildings we service. 

With CORE, we understand that there is Strength in Building.

CORE’s industry knowledge is all encompassing.

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