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CORE does more than your average contractor. We provide services for both commercial and residential customers that improve the look of any outdoor or indoor space.

You build a structure from the foundation up, you rebuild it from the roof down.

Joe Day
Core Contracting Services Roofing


CORE provides roofing repair and installation for homes and businesses throughout the KC Metro area and beyond. We understand that a structure is only as strong as its roof, so we make sure your commercial or residential roof is secure through storms and natural wear. You can always be sure that CORE is a reliable contracting partner, from free inspections to handling insurance questions, we guide you through the whole process from start to finish. We work with every major supply house, insurance company, and shingle manufacturer to get you a long-lasting roofing system that you love. Whether it’s your small business, big business, your starter home, or forever home, we can handle it all.

  • Commercial :

    We provide large-scale roofing services that cover commercial buildings. Your business relies on a strong roof, CORE is the contractor you need to handle the job. We understand that there is strength in building, as well as a good partnership. CORE is the industry partner that will guide you through and get you the roofing system you need to run your business smoothly. Not only that, we also offer free inspections and maintenance plans for our commercial business customers. Request a quote for your business today:

  • Residential:

    Homeowners and renters need to feel safe when in their home, our residential roofing services provide quality products that are both aesthetically pleasing and reliable. CORE ensures that your roof is at its strongest with our thorough inspection and quality workmanship. Whether you need a roof repair or a brand new roof, we install roofing systems and work with shingle manufacturers to get you the perfect roof for your home. CORE wants to be your family contractor, we stay in touch after the project is done to make sure your roof stays performing at its peak because we see every house as if it’s our own.

Core Contracting Services Siding and Gutters

Siding and Gutters

Siding for your home and business is an important part of your building’s integrity. CORE provides siding repair as well as gutter installation to improve performance after a storm or after years of natural wear and tear. Think of siding and gutters as an extension for your roof, we handle everything on your home or business that makes an impact on how you live. Our team of technicians does a thorough inspection that includes items others might not initially think about when it comes to smaller parts of your home or business. We consider everything, from gutter sizing to prevent excess water damage to your foundation as well as installing siding that lasts as long as your roofing system.

Core Contracting Services Windows


Insulating your home and business can make a huge difference in savings when it comes to your heating and gas bills. Our team comes on site and conducts a thorough inspection over all windows you are concerned about or want replaced. We work with all types of windows and can give you the results you want for your home or business. CORE installs windows that save money and provide ease of mind. We keep you in mind when doing our inspection, and make sure that we locate all windows that are in desperate need of replacing. Windows don’t just need replacing if they’re damaged, we do aesthetic replacements too. If you’re looking to keep the historical integrity of your home or business, we replace windows that stay true to the building’s personality. 

Core Contracting Services Flooring and Tile

Flooring & Tile

Our flooring experts render excellent flooring installations and repairs in a variety of materials. If you’re tired of seeing the same floors in your home or business every day, we install everything from luxury vinyl, tile, carpet, hardwoods, and more. If your floors have water damage, impact damage, or any type of wear, we can repair that section of flooring to make it look good as new. CORE is the contracting partner that understands you want your home or business to look just as good on the inside as it does the outside.

Core Contracting Services Painting


  • Interior:

    Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, retail area, office or sales floor, CORE can handle the process of painting your home or business. Our team’s attention to detail will bring new life to the interior of your space. We know how hard it is to get the color results you want when you’re by yourself, so our team at CORE is prepared to get you the new rooms you’ve been dreaming about, all with a few coats of paint. Request a quote today:

  • Exterior:

    When your home or business is beginning to look a little tired on the outside, the perfect solution is an updated paint color. CORE has the quality products you need that will make your home or business look fresh, not faded. When you’re walking around the neighborhood and see other buildings that have paint that you love, think of CORE as your trusted contracting partner to get you the exact exterior look that you want.

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